Smartphone cameras are becoming so powerful nowadays that more and more filmmakers tend to see their potential. They are less expensive than a normal studio camera, but the results you can get are still quite good and if they do work seamlessly with the movie ideas that you have, then that’s even better. But which are the best smartphones that you can use to create a movie? Here’s a list of them and also some of the most interesting movies shot with a smartphone as well.


Regardless of what iPhone version you use, there’s no denying that having an iPhone as a film making tool is a unique and exciting experience, one that does pay off and offers incredible results. Despite not having the best camera on the market, the device does an amazing job when it comes to capturing quality videos and at the same time the FPS rate and all the technical stuff are more than impressive. The video capturing capabilities this device has are great and since the device does tend to add a tone of realism, that’s even better.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Another high standard phone, this one is better due to the higher quality lens and because of that it manages to offer crystal clear images. It also includes stabilization as well as plenty of other features that help add up a more refined, unique and cool touch to it, which is what matters the most at the end of the day. You have to keep in mind the fact that this phone is also less expensive than the iPhone in many countries, which can be helpful if you want to reduce costs.


LG’s device has maybe the best camera out of the entire bunch and it’s also filled with great stabilization and other photo/video features. It’s a solid device with an amazing camera and a very good user experience, obviously one of the best choices on the market if you want quality results during your film making experience.


Another good phone for indie filmmaking on a budget, this one has a powerful software and the camera also rivals the others on this list. It’s a solid product and one of the best on the market, so you should totally check it out if you want to create movies with a smartphone.


Many movies have created a unique experience simply by using an iPhone in order to give a more realistic approach to the experience. Some of the best examples include stuff like Tangerine, I Play With the Phrase Each Other, And Uneasy Lies the Mind, Framed, Searching for Sugar Man (which is an Oscar-winning documentary), BMX, Golden Harvest, The Commuter, Hooked Up, Ninja Fishing, The Editor and many, many others.

As you can see, indie and even high budget filmmakers are not afraid to harness the power of smartphones especially since many of them have good lenses and a lot of storage, not to mention an immense quality. You should definitely give these smartphones a shot if you want to make an indie movie and want to be creative, as they can help quite a lot!