Shooting an interview can be very demanding at times because you always need to have the best setup and a perfect lighting system. If you don’t have a good lighting them the image quality will drastically change as a result and you surely do not want such a thing to happen at all times.

Not the most important thing

Remember that lighting is important for an interview but it’s not to most important thing. There are some other things that matter a lot more such as what you ask during the interview, how you shoot it and how long it has to be. So yes, lighting is indeed a great thing to keep in mind but it is a secondary thing and you shouldn’t focus specifically on it.


This is especially true because some of the best lighting systems were created in order to be deceptively simple so you won’t have to worry about them in the first place, in fact in around 5 minutes or even less you will have no problem setting up the lighting as we say in this great tutorial system.

So, how do you perform a good lighting setup for shooting an interview? Here are the quick guidelines to access the best possible lighting system with great results!


How to

  • You need to first start with a black, normal room where you need to place the lighting
  • You will need to place the key light in the left of the person you interview, since the key light is tall it will be basically in the left and a little in the upper side of the person you are interviewing. As you will see, there will be shadows forming right now in the right and lower chin side but we will address these in a bit.
  • The fill light needs to be placed on the right side of the person. It basically addresses the shadow issues we talked earlier and it also addresses the contrast on the person’s face depending on your needs all so that you can obtain the perfect shot.
  • The backlight is placed usually above the person you are interviewing and its main concern is to focus on lighting the back of the subject. This might not seem as important but it allows you to separate the subject from the background. It’s a necessary light that really matters a lot.

Remember that lighting is important for an interview but it’s not to most important thing.

And here you have it, a good 3 point lighting system that is the best for starters. Of course you can feel free to add more lights and play with the system, usually it’s a very good idea to always try out and add a background light which will add a little halo effect for the person you are interviewing. Don’t hesitate and try out these amazing setups as they will help you obtain the best lighting results in the end!