Avalon is an island of legend that was included in the Arthurian mythos. The first time it was talkeda bout was in the Historia Regum Britanniae written by Geoffrey of Monmouth at around 1136 and since then it was integrated in many stories throughout the decades and centuries.

Battle of Camlann

The aforementioned work states that Avalon is the place where King Arthur’s Excaliur was forged and this is also the location where Arthur came in order to recover from his wounds once the Battle of Camlann was over. The island is also associated with people like Morgan Le Fay but the main idea with it is that it’s mostly seen as a place of mysticism, a place where people can find true purpose and get back on track to what they want the most, exactly like Arthur did in the legends.


Even if this is a fictional island, the lore behind the entire thing is just incredible. According to Geoffrey, it seems that you had to embark on a boat in order to reach Avalon and it was very hard for you to check out at that time, which made it even harder for normal people to actually go ahead and visit it out.


According to many writers from the medieval times, Avalon was also known as the Fortunate Islands, at least Isidore gave them that name. Based on the medieval geography, many thought that these islands were basically the Canaries we know right now, but if Avalon is really here or not only Geoffrey can tell us such a thing, that’s for sure.

At the end of the XIIth century Avalon was associated with Glastonbury because that’s where monks found the bones of Arthur and his queen.

However, even if this place has its roots deep in the Arthurian mythology, you can find it integrated in many other types of fantasy and fiction, such as the epic poems, folklore and so on. There are even many places around the world that are named this way. For example you have a town named Avalon in California, in Sydney, Wellington and there’s even a peninsula in Canada that’s named liked this.


Avalon is a name of power, of commitment and it shows the resilience of days from future past. It allows you to fully understand the spectrum of medieval fantasy battles and it’s something that has been integrated into the fantasy lore for hundreds of years. It continues to amaze with the incredible appeal, its uniqueness and astounding history.


Even if Avalon might not be a real place to begin with, it does signify power and the ability to surpass any type of challenge in order to get across. It’s definitely an amazing concept and one that will definitely see developed even further as time passes!